update on my random act of kindness

so, after i decided to do it, i sat down and wrote my stranger a note on a drawing i’ve been working hard on, telling him how loved and capable they are and how even if someone(or themselves) said they weren’t that they could say, “even strangers think i am!” and i took all of my cash(maybe ~  $20?) and went to a fast food place. when i pulled in, there was a sheriff who was getting out of his cooper and making his way into the building around the time I was. instead of going inside and doing what i had heard others do and going through the cashier, i said “excuse me, officer, thank you for your service! I really appreciate you protecting me, so please buy lunch on me. Have a good day!” and very quickly walked away to my car.

When I left, I drove by him, still standing in the same place and grinning like a little boy at the card I had written. And, to top it all off, he waved goodbye to me while moving to wipe away a tear.

Why not try out a random act of kindness this week?


i have extra money rn and i am considering going to a drive thru and paying for a random persons food and not getting anything for myself because i feel like being kind today

Justin Dingwall : Albus

Albus, a beautiful photography series that explores the aesthetics of Albinism in contrast with the idealized perception of beauty. Thando Hopa, the model is a South African legal prosecutor and now fashion model, uses her new-found fame to negate the taboo surrounding albinism.


my brother and his friend made this using ipad garage band and i am laughing so hard

my professors have started emailing by us does this mean school has basically started


Character: Numbah 5

Series: Kids Next Door

Photographer Ayanematrix Designs